Workers Compensation

You Deserve Benefits For Your Injury

The Law provides Wages, Medical Care and Payment for Permanent Injuries

The problem you’ve likely found is that no one is listening.

Is the Human Resources person at your job is suggesting you take your vacation days until you feel like getting back to work?…. They won’t send you to a doctor?… And they are not paying you while you are out?…

workers comp lawyerIs the Workers Comp lady on the phone is telling you she’s now denying your claim?….Not paying your mileage costs to and from your treating doctors?…

All this happens way to often  And is not what the Workers’ Compensation Law was created to do.  The law in South Carolina was designed to help injured workers.  It was designed to keep them getting paid while they are out because of a work injury.  To provide good medical treatment for those injuries.  And to compensate workers for any permanent loss from that injury.

But, over the years, as insurance companies became more and more aggressive, they are only providing what on paper looks right.

Injuries are being ignored.  Claims are being denied for no good reason.  Benefits for injured workers are being stalled, so that when these good people become desperate they will accept far less than they are entitled to under the law.

That’s where WE come in.

You need experienced, skilled legal representation to look for – and uncover – the tricks that workers’ compensation insurance companies have been using to short-change the good, hard working folks of South Carolina.

We have been fighting Workers’ Compensation insurance companies successfully for over a decade – and getting those that are hurt on the job what the law intended.

Call us to meet for a free discussion about your Workers’ Compensation claim.

You won’t know what your giving up until you do.

Reasons You Need to Speak to a Workers Compensation Attorney

  • You have been fired because of an injury at work
  • You had a legitimate injury claim that has been denied
  • Been denied medical treatment for a work related injury
  • Been denied payment of regular wages when out of work for an injury
  • Been denied a second opinion, when the company’s doctor has decided nothing is wrong with you.
  • Been sent back for light duty, or full duty, too early (or when those tasks are too difficult to complete)
  • Been sent back for light duty, or full duty, when a client’s injuries are not yet healed fully
  • Been denied surgery or other treatment that even the Company’s doctor says is needed.
  • Has suffered permanent disability from a work related injury, and the Company or Insurance Company refuses to acknowledge this.
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