Truck Collisions

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Tractor-Trailer Collisions

truck wreck accident lawyerVery few things are as frightening as traveling on the interstate highways and encountering a huge tractor-trailer truck coming into your lane or driving recklessly.  Our federal and state governments have long ago recognized the dangers that the trucking industry poses with its huge trucks and trailers, drivers working long hours, heavy loads and overnight hauls.  As with any regulation, though, many trucking companies think that if you don’t get caught – then you can get away with it.

Devastating Damage.

images-5Very few accidents cause as much damage to travelers and their vehicles, or as much loss of life, than these large trucks.  With a full load, it would take an attentive, responsible truck driver traveling at 55 mph over 500 feet to stop his rig to avoid a collision with a fellow traveler.  When his speeds reach 70 to 75 mph, the time required to stop – and the devastating power of his tractor-trailer increases dramatically.

Force them to Make Things Right for the Harm they’ve Caused.

The law gives us clear ways to hold those that needlessly hurt others fully responsible.  But you must fight for justice.  It is too expensive to these trucking companies to just hand it over.  With the knowledge and experience needed to expose their cover ups, our team of lawyers, paralegals and accident reconstructionists can find evidence that explains how an accident really occurred, and hold the trucking companies accountable for what they’ve caused.  Violations of daily and weekly driving hour limits, over weight loads and incomplete or invalid driving logs are often keys in proving fault in these incidents.  We’ve even found truck drivers to be hauling these dangerously heavy cargo loads with a suspended driver’s licenses and bad driving records that their trucking companies never bothered to check.


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