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You Deserve a Personal Injury Attorney

Injury is a fact of life for the majority of us. Whether it is at home or on the job, things happen and put us in harm’s way. It’s when others cause harms and losses, that bothers us most. When someone else hurts you or those you care about, the law requires them to make up for it. To make you whole again – like you were before it happened. When the injury prevents you from being fixed like before, justice requires those that caused it to pay for what can’t be fixed. Often money can’t make it like it was before, but it’s the closest that can be done. If someone is going to continue to suffer – the ones who caused it are to pay to make the victim as comfortable as possible.Farnsworth Law Offices has proven results and vast experience in providing clients with knowledgeable and caring legal counsel that are determined to do the best for their clients. Our lawyers are strategic and tenacious in recovering full payback for injuries that have been caused by the negligence, carelessness and recklessness of others.

Getting these services does mean having to admit to yourself that you deserve compensation, though. Remember that not every situation is actually fully under your control. Situations beyond your control don’t need to inflict suffering on you that you simply shoulder on your own. We’re here to help you make sure that those responsible shoulders it for you. You deserve justice. You deserve for them to be held accountable. We’re ready and waiting to fight for you to ensure you are fully paid for your injuries, regardless of the kind of injury you’ve received.

Personal Injury Lawyers with Experience and Success

Most people have an idea of what a personal injury attorney is for, and it tends to have been discolored by popular media. The truth of the matter is that when someone has hurt you or someone you care about, they will almost always begin to justify in their minds why they aren’t at fault. Their insurance companies get with their lawyers and begin working on theories to keep them from paying for all the harms and losses they’ve caused. We handle tragic cases for families that have been torn apart by critical injuries, lengthy hospital stays, time away from work and permanent, disabling injuries or death. We handle these matters tastefully, professionally and passionately, with the clients’ best interest first – and our fees for our work second. We have often reduced our fees to match a client’s proceeds when medical bills reduce their share of recovery.

Farnsworth Law Offices has won some of the highest verdicts in our local courts and continues to help those injured – in a firm, appropriate, and tasteful way – staying away from the questionable antics of many in the field. We are down to earth and find passion in fighting for those who find themselves getting pushed around by those unfairly using their authority or vast resources.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys have successfully handled cases for clients involving:

Each of these situations requires us to thoroughly investigate the facts that will make a difference at trial, implement strategies and develop persuasive arguments best illustrate our clients claim, and defeat defenses the insurance companies are sure to come up with to minimize what our clients have been through. Most of our clients come to us believing that surely the insurance companies and those at fault will do what’s fair and make things right. But unfortunately, fairness is in the eye of the beholder…. and justice must be fought for and won. It won’t be given away. Not when it is costing them money. Money for continued medical treatment, money for continued loss of earning capacity or wages, money for permanent physical or mental limitations

If you’ve been injured due to the fault of someone else, whether it was in Greenville, SC, or somewhere else, come see us for top-notch legal representation and learn how we work to get full and complete recovery for the harms and losses that have been forced on you.

An Injury Lawyer That Works for You

If we had to stress one thing, Farnsworth Law Offices wants to make sure you understand that you do deserve to get even. Yes, get even for what’s been taken from you. Months or years of pain and discomfort. Day after day of worry, stress and anguish over what’s going to happen now. How are you going to get back to work? Who’s going to pay for all this medical treatment?

Who’s going to do something about me not being able to walk, or run, or get along like I did before? The law allows for you to make the person who hurt you pay for what they’ve done. Pay for getting you back to even again. And if they can’t get you back to even – they have to pay you enough to make an even trade for what they’ve done to you. And we can make sure that’s happened. They will do everything they can to fight it. But we can handle them.

Each of us deserves to have a healthy, happy life that is lived to its fullest. When an unexpected and avoidable injury happens, it can turn a family’s life upside down. A trusted personal injury attorney can help put lives back together.

Come see us if you need help. You will be glad you did!

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