Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Elder Abuse, Injury and Healthcare Neglect Attorneys in Greenville, South Carolina

Farnsworth Law Offices LLC is a law firm dedicated to improving the care of our loved ones in nursing facilities and assisted living centers. Specializing in bringing actions to make people answer for improper care and treatment of our elderly, particularly in nursing homes, is something we are proud to do. Over the course of our careers, we have stood up for thousands of folks who could not battle the power and resources of big business interests and insurance companies. Based in Greenville, South Carolina our elderly care attorneys will make sure neglectful nurses, doctors or nursing home staff are held accountable for the avoidable harms and losses they cause our loved ones all too often.
Many of our clients have suffered from mental and emotional abuse, falls, sexual abuse, bed sores, physician negligence, and health emergencies brought on by incorrect doses of their medications or by receiving the Nursing Home Neglect and Abusewrong medications. If you have lost a loved one, found one seriously injured, and suspect that the nursing home is responsible, then you should take action. I promise we can get their attention. Call Farnsworth Law Offices of Greenville, SC today, we are your senior abuse lawyer/attorney and we will work hard to make this right.

Confronting Senior Abuse in Nursing Homes

We all want to do right by our older relatives through their golden years. After all, they were the people who helped raise and shape us in important ways. Because we are not usually capable of meeting the day to day healthcare needs of our senior relatives, many of us place our trust nursing homes and similar caregiving facilities to help us look after our loved ones, especially when our busy lives mean we can’t do it ourselves.

That’s what makes instances of elder abuse so offensive to our sensibilities. It isn’t just a betrayal of trust on the part of the caregiver to you, but it makes you feel sort of at fault in that betrayal of your family and loved one. Wanting to stand up to nursing homes’ cover-ups and poor excuses and hold them responsible is the right thing to do.

While much of our focus here has been on confronting nursing home neglect, there are other kinds of care facilities that can fail us in this respect and should be held accountable, including:

  • Surgery Rehabilitation Clinics
  • Assisted Living Homes
  • Temporary Care Facilities

Your loved ones deserve better. You deserve better. That’s why contacting our skilled and experienced elder abuse attorneys in Greenville, SC, is important when you have reason to suspect neglect or abuse in any form. It takes knowledge, determination, and strategy to see this sort of thing through, but the experts at Farnsworth Law Offices are proven and ready to help, regardless of the form the abuse takes. Good lawyers help make things right.

Identifying Elder Abuse in Healthcare

What tends to be the worst thing about this kind of abuse is that it can be hard to detect, as well as to confront. Some kinds of abuse are harder to pin down than others, simply by them being relatively hidden. Others are easier if your relative is capable of telling you how they are suffering. Often bedsores or other signs of neglect aren’t discovered until a hospital visit due to a fall or illness.

As a former prosecutor and Assistant Solicitor for Greenville County, Mr Daniel J. Farnsworth, Jr. brings justice down on offenders for their careless neglect and indifference to the needs of their patients. Here are some of the specific types of elderly abuse we have helped clients identify to help them confront those responsible and make them answer their negligence:

We have helped many, many families who have found themselves victims of neglect at the very places they were convinced would be safe and comfortable for their loved ones. You and your relatives don’t need to wonder what you can do when you suspect a loved one has been neglected or abused. Put us on the case and your mind at ease.

Proving Elderly Abuse with Farnsworth

The highly trained staff and team of lawyers at Farnsworth Law Offices are used to researching and identifying patterns of abuse. If your relative has experienced neglect or abuse, chances are they aren’t the only ones. We’ll uncover the history of violations, neglect, or abuse and then use it to help bring justice to those who have harmed your elder family members.

Our medical experts quickly comb through records and identify where duties have been neglected, what records are missing and which of those that may have been altered to cover for duties that have been neglected.

Fighting for what is right is never wrong. Remember that not confronting neglect and abuse will only let it keep happening—and allow more innocent people to suffer.Contact us at (864) 886-5929 today to protect your loved ones from careless senior healthcare providers and facilities.