Nursing Home Neglect

Mistreating patients

Your Loved Ones Don’t Deserve to Be Treated

This Way.

Screenshot 2017-01-11 18.43.48More and more of our parents, grandparents or other family members with disabilities are being entrusted to the care of Nursing Homes and Care Facilities to provide living assistance, either while recovering from surgery or a minor set back, or for more indefinite round the clock care.

Too often, this trust we place in the nurses and staff of these homes and centers is shattered when we discover the alarming mistreatment, neglect and abuse our loved ones have endured during their stay at these facilities. The neglect and abuse includes any of the following:


  • nursing home neglectFalls
  • Bedsores or Pressure Sores
  • Deaths
  • Medication Errorsimages-8
  • Sexual or other Physical Assault
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Wandering
  • Serious Burns

When something like these misfortunes happen, you need experienced, determined, and compassionate legal counsel to help uncover the real causes of what went wrong.

You need someone to hold those that have caused this harm fully accountable for what that have done.


images-7There are many federal and state regulations in place that we use to catch facilities failing to do what they are required for your loved ones.  Often we find their own records show them neglecting their duties – or the records aren’t even there, which proves they weren’t doing what they were supposed to do.

Our knowledge of what to look for, and our team of medical experts who understand how to uncover the neglect that has lead to these completely avoidable harms, has led us to successful results for our clients over the years.  Mr. Farnsworth has assembled team of paralegals, lawyers and legal staff that are truly passionate about holding neglectful and abusive care providers fully responsible for the harms they’ve caused to our loved ones.

Don’t let another day pass wondering if there’s something that can be done.  We can take them to the woodshed and force careless and neglectful nurses and caretakers to make things right.

At Farnsworth Law Offices, we’re looking for those that mistreat others.

We’re looking to get justice for those needlessly hurt by others.

And we’re looking to make those at fault and those that turn their back and walk away – think better before they ignore or hurt our helpless family members again.

Come talk to us if you’re concerned about what has caused a loved one to be injured, or worse.  

These nursing facilities convinced you to trust them.  We can hold them accountable. 

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