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Don’t let a DUI arrest ruin what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.


Often, folks are charged with DUI based on little more than suspicion or a hunch. And when forced to prove their case, the authorities don’t always have it right.

     As a former DUI prosecutor who has been successfully defending DUI charges for over two decades, throughout South Carolina and Virginia, I know what to look for to beat these charges.  There are procedural requirements that are often missed and evidence gathered by police that can be explained and challenged.  You need a DUI lawyer with proven strategies that win cases.  Come talk to us and see if any of the many defenses available might apply to your case.

Don’t just wonder dui defense attorney greenville scif there is anything you can do. Many cases we’ve won over the years seemed un-winnable to our clients, but there are often things we can find that help us get these DUI charges dismissed.  Come in and talk to us, and see what we can do to help you.



dui defense lawyer greenville scThe most pressing issue for those charged with DUI and have refused breath, blood or urine tests (or have tested above a certain level) is to get their driver’s license back.  In most cases, we can get you back driving fast by getting a hearing to challenge the suspension.  In South Carolina, you have only 30 days from the day of your arrest to request a hearing to challenge the suspension of your driver’s license. Once DMV has received and processed your hearing request, you can obtain a Temporary License that will enable you to drive without restriction until the suspension hearing, which typically is scheduled 45 – 60 days out. We have often been able to reverse suspensions at these hearings.  And we have also been able to obtain valuable information about your case at these hearings that may lead to defenses to your DUI charge.  Our lawyers can file the necessary documents to request your hearing and advise you as to how to obtain your Temporary License.  We don’t charge an additional fee for getting your license back and handling this hearing, as it typically provides information that helps defend your DUI charge.

What are my chances to beat this DUI?

DUI Defense AttorneyThere are a number of defenses to a DUI charge in South Carolina. Every case is different, but Mr. Farnsworth and our other lawyers will focus on evaluating evidence of bad drivinncddg, how a client did on sobriety tests, and the results of any breath, urine or blood tests to begin identifying defenses that may be available to defeat a DUI arrest.  We have the police officer’s training manuals and can often show where their own training is not followed by law enforcement, which we can use to win a dismissal of your DUI charge.

FREE DUI Consultation

Your free consultation with one of our DUI Defense Lawyers to review the circumstances surrounding your case will allow us to use more than two decades of winning DUI trials to evaluate what defenses there are in your case.



         The DUI lawyer you have does matter.  It matters a lot.  

               Come see us about defending your DUI charge.  

                          Let’s find a way to win your case.

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