Upstate Drivers Need to Protect Themselves by Adding Under-Insured Coverage to their Auto Insurance policy – Call your Agent and make sure you have it, Today.

Many clients come to my office for help after a serious traffic collision only to learn that they failed to purchase enough extra coverage on their OWN auto insurance policy.


Yes, in addition to buying full-coverage to protect themselves if they cause an accident and to repair their vehicle if it becomes damaged, the law in South Carolina requires insurance agents to offer optional coverages to protect us when someone hits us but doesn’t have enough insurance to pay for the damage they’ve caused. This additional coverage is called Under-Insured coverage.

The law in South Carolina only requires that drivers carry $25,000 in auto liability insurance.  And when someone crashes into you who has low insurance limits, they usually don’t have much of anything else to get if you sue them for the harm they’ve casued. Unfortunately, winning a lawsuit against them won’t get you anything more than a Judgment on paper, and one on which you won’t likely be able to collect.

With the costs of medical bills, lost wages and future care often easily exceeding this $25,000 limit when a serious injury occurs, where do you turn to pay for that?  And that doesn’t even include reimbursement for the months of pain and rehabilitation, physical limitations, mental anguish and even disfigurement that come along with many of these collisions.  So when you or your family member is badly hurt and facing $100’s of thousands of dollars in recovery costs and permanent injuries, or even death, who pays the rest of the damages?

No one.  That’s right.  You are left with these medical bills, future care costs, and lost income while hospitalized or recovering from your injuries.  Many families are forced into bankruptcy by these costs that weren’t even their fault.

It’s an easy fix, though.  Ask your insurance agent to add Under-Insured liability coverage to your auto policy.  And add it at limit amounts as high as you can afford. This additional coverage does not cost much and is tremendously helpful for families trying to figure out where to turn after a tragic and unexpected automobile collision turns their lives upside down.  Go see your insurance agent today and increase this optional coverage on your auto insurance policy.

It’s one of the best things you can do to protect yourself and those you care about from the dangers on our highways.

Please call me with any questions about Under-Insured coverage or any other legal issue that you might be struggling with.

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