Dog Attacks

Vicious Dog Attacks

Dogs may be man’s best friend, most of them that is. With the popularity of dangerous breeds of dogs throughout the country, along with owners that insist their dog is gentle and not aggressive, there have been a surge in attacks by these dogs against children and adults alike. Often these attacks leave disasturous results, permanently disfiguring, maiming or even killing their victims. The unpredictability of these dangerous breeds leads to attacks in places as varied as childrens’ soccer fields to friends’ homes.

The laws regarding the responsibility of dog owners for these outbursts and their consequences, as well as what responsibility a property owner may have, is a developing area in many states.

If you have questions about holding a dog owner or others accountable for the devastating damage these animals were bred to cause, call our office today. We take pride in evening the score with irresponsible dog owners and the vicious breeds they argue are so safe.

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