Child Injuries

images-3Our most precious things on this earth are our children, and for those of us fortunate enough to have children of our own they are our primary source of joy and happiness each day.

When our children are hurt, we hurt. And when the hurt is caused by something that should have never happened, feelings of anger, retribution and preventing it from happening again flood to our minds.

The lawyers and staff of this firm take particular pride in our years of winning justice for children and their families in cases where children are injured. We actively seek opportunities to remind those in our communities that we expect children to be looked out for and demand that those supervising our kids are alert and attentive to their well-being.

Among the cases we handle involving children’s injuries are

–           Playground Injuries

–           Dog Attacks & Bitesimages-5

–           Daycare Injuries

–           Birth Injuries & Defects

–           School Bus Crashes

–           Defective Toys and Products

–           Recreational and Amusement Park Injuries

Cut and paste this link in your search browser to find helpful safety information for preventing children’s injuries

Call our office today if you have questions about an injury to a child that you feel should have been avoided. Lets keep something like this from happening again.

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