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Helping Good People with tough problems – throughout South Carolina and Virginia…for Three Generations.

Our firm name honors the generations of our family who have had a passion for helping people –
–  Bravely standing up against unfairness and abuses of authority,  fighting to expose false claims,  and keeping bad people from taking advantage of others.

– We make our clients’ difficult problems our own; strategically and skillfully helping put their lives back together.

The team at Pettus / Farnsworth Law Firm uses determination, hard-earned knowledge,  creative strategy and unbending tenacity, to get winning results for our people.   Whether facing sudden, life-altering tragedies or the consequences of some seriously bad decisions; people in need are referred to us for serious help everyday.

The Farnsworth’s and Pettus’ have been trusted for hundreds of years by their neighbors and friends to make things right- and find winning solutions to serious legal problems.

Having the right lawyer really matters – It matters a lot.

Looking for a Good Lawyer?

You just found them.

If you find yourself wondering if you need a lawyer, you should know that the other side will be working around the clock with their own lawyers….to serve their own self-interests – not yours.

You’ll need an attorney on your side who knows what’s coming, understands how to develop a winning strategy and who’s not afraid to battle for you. The team of lawyers and professional staff at

Pettus / Farnsworth uses exceptional skill, tenacity and genuine compassion when helping their clients get the winning results they deserve.

You need a law firm that puts your interests before their attorney’s fees.

You need someone who stands up for what’s right.

You need someone who doesn’t take “No” for an answer.

You need us.

We focus particular attention on the following areas for our clients:

  • Injury Law and Wrongful Death
    • Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse
    • Tractor-Trailer Collisions
    • Motorcycle Crashes
    • Car Wrecks
    • Dog attacks
    • Children’s Injuries
    • Workers’ Compensation and Work Injuries
    • Social Security Disability
  • Criminal Law
    • Murder and Assault
    • Unlawful Arrests
    • Driving Under the Influence
    • Marijuana and Drug Cases
      • Trafficking
      • Distribution and Manufacturing
      • Possession
  • Police Misconduct and Constitutional Rights claims
    • unjustified shootings
    • unreasonable force and beatings
    • purposeful / unnecessary dog attacks
    • unlawful arrests
  • Business Law and Contract Disputes
    • Employment Law
    • Discrimination and Harassment claims
  • Wills, Probate and Estates
    • Will Contests
    • Coerced, invalid changes to Testamentary Documents
    • Removal and Challenge of Personal Representatives or Trustees

Our Practice Areas

Wrongful Death

With the loss of someone you care so deeply about, there are tremendous emotions flying through your head.  

Anger.  Disbelief.  Confusion.  Numbness.

grieving family

You will have questions about how it happened, why it happened, and who caused this. You need skilled, determined legal professionals to challenge the cover ups that will inevitably be coming.  It’s too expensive for them to admit what they did wrong.  We must force them to make things right. Justice doesn’t just happen on its own.

We’re looking to right wrongs.  Come talk to us about how we can help.

Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

Your Loved Ones Don’t Deserve to Be Treated This Way

Many of our parents, grandparents or other family members with disabilities are entrusted to Nursing Homes and Care Facilities to provide round the clock care and assistance, either while recovering from a minor surgery or set back, or for more indefinite daily care.

When that trust is broken and our loved ones are needlessly hurt or neglected, we must take action to keep it from happening over and over.  If these facilities aren’t held fully accountable, proper care and safety won’t be their main concern.

nursing home neglect

You trusted them to care.  

We’ll make sure they take their obligations seriously next time.  

DUI Defense & Criminal Law

We vigorously defend those finding themselves accused of crimes, whether because of poor judgment and bad decisions, or when the police just get it wrong.  It is very easy for many to rush to judgment, but when the rest of the story is uncovered, often times its not what people, or the police, first thought.


Particular skill and tenacity are required to expose doubtful evidence and ferret out the often coercive and unfair tactics used by Law Enforcement.  Clients have trusted us to clear them from serious criminal accusations for over two decades.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty is the law for good reason.  

Give us a call.  We can help.

Trucking Accidents and Injury Law

We are skilled, determined, and effective advocates, who are passionate about helping good people who are being ignored and taken advantage of by insurers, government agents or others during times of loss or misfortune.

images-5Our firm aggressively pursues those causing Truck Collisions, Children’s Injuries, Work Injuries and forces them to pay for the harms and losses they’ve caused due to their carelessness and reckless conduct.  Avoidable harms and tragedies must be punished, or they will keep happening. Every case we fight is a chance to make our community safer.

We’re looking to right wrongs.  

We’re looking to send a message to those who don’t think about our safety.  

Call us.  

We can help.

We take on the Bullies

They haven’t gone anywhere.  The same kids from the playground who stole your toys… told you lies… and were only out for themselves…. are now found in Insurance Companies, and Law Enforcement, and Government Agencies and all other walks of life.

All too often, self-interest, greed and dishonesty get in the way of treating others fairly and accepting responsibility for their actions.

When we find people that are taking advantage of others – and who will cheat to win –  we look to expose that injustice, punish them like they deserve and hold these bullies fully accountable.

What’s right is right.  It’s as simple as that.

We welcome the chance to take them on and square the deal for you.

Call Us For Serious Help


My 2 cents worth regarding Dan Farnsworth

Unlike others I know, Dan is not one to give lip service about a situation. He has always been straightforward about the law, the legal environment, my case and his recommended best course of action.

Read More of the Review

Although this review is for Daniel Farnsworth Jr, I believe a little background on me is important to provide a better understanding of this review of Dan. First of all I am not a litigious person; however in this day and time in our society it is almost inevitable that at some point one will require legal assistance, counsel and at times representation. I am very selective and even very picky you might say when it comes making even minor decisions. I am a person who thinks through things with both my mind and spirit and will take others opinions and experiences into account when making a decision. After being involved in an automobile collision and the at-fault drivers insurance company being very uncooperative to the point of insulting, I was left with no other choice but to seek legal representation. I spoke with several attorneys in the Greenville, SC area about my case because it was important to me to find an attorney I could have confidence in, trust and respect. Dan by far was the obvious best choice for me, my family and my case.

In synopsis the following is my opinion, experience, and review of Dan Farnsworth: • He and his staff always treated me with respect and dignity. • Unlike others I know, Dan is not one to give lip service about a situation. He has always been straightforward about the law, the legal environment, my case and his recommended best course of action. • Both Dan and his staff were attentive and responsive in a timely manner to my questions and concerns as well as to the facts of my case. • Dan carries a very strong presence during official proceedings and I have little doubt this attribute helped bring about a positive influence on the outcome of my case. • In my opinion his negotiating skills are well above average and have obviously been honed by years of real world experience and success. • Dan and I share mutual beliefs of “what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong”. I discovered that he was not only willing to fight to uphold that belief but the he also has both the capability and experience to do so. • I found his knowledge of law to be exceptional, not only the letter and spirit but also what to expect in the real world of today’s judiciary system. • I consider Dan to be a highly skilled strategic thinker. • His actions throughout the entire process of resolving my case demonstrated that he truly put me and my family’s best interest first.

I have worked with various attorneys over the years and by far Dan is one of the best I have encountered. He has demonstrated not only through his words but also his actions that he possesses a large degree of common sense – which is not so common these days. His expert knowledge of the law and our legal system combined with a winning attitude and personality in my opinion makes Dan Farnsworth an extraordinarily great attorney at law.

- former Auto Accident client

Well connected and detailed oriented lawyer

Dan is a very knowledgeable lawyer in the DUI branch (my case), he has experience representing in multiple states and has a very nice approach to understand your case. Its nice that he offers a free consultation and that he prefers to do it in person to get to know you and your case in a personal level. He’s cautious and approaches each case with an individual strategy and not with a cookie cutter way which makes him as successful as he is in his cases.

Read More of the Review

My personal case didn’t look good from the very beginning, but he was very detailed oriented and he asked me to go to his office to analyze videos together to find the minimal indication that something was conducted different than procedure. He was able to pin point several things right off the bat, that in the end helped my case and made the prosecutor dropped the charges.

Last but not least, he is well known within the Greenville county which is something that helps, On top of that, he is very good and quick on his feet when the unexpected happens, like in my case, the judge was replaced and he had to change his strategy on the spot.

I gave him a 4 star on the “kept me informed category” just because I received updates every 3 or 4 months, but my case was 2 years long. Its important to point out that whenever I asked his office a question they would answer within the day and he was always available on his cell phone via text or call.

I’ve recommended him in the past to other people and would like to do so through this website.

- former DUI client

I went to Mr. Farnsworth for help after I was seriously injured and their big corporate headquarters ignored me.  Dan helped me pick up the pieces and won me a settlement for more than I had ever imagined.  Mr. Farnsworth is a great lawyer.  I think the world of him.  He is a very fine person.   – V.W.

- former Injury client

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