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Daniel J. Farnsworth, Jr. | Farnsworth Law | Greenville SCJustice Should Sting…for those who have caused harm.

Those that have caused injury and pain to others often turn to cover ups and pointing fingers to keep from having to pay for what they’ve done.  And their insurance companies are trying to save all the profits they can.

The law clearly provides that full compensation is to be awarded to a victim of someone else’s images-7negligence or willful conduct, and even allows additional punitive damages to send a message to the community that others should avoid conduct that threatens the safety and security of us all.

THE DIFFICULTY COMES in when those at fault deny responsibility, resort to false denials and delay tactics, or attempt to minimize the trauma suffered by those they have injured. With the help of their lawyers, and insurance adjusters, many that are at fault get away with not being held fully responsible for their actions.

JUSTICE IS NOT SIMPLY HANDED TO ANYONE – and as the stakes rise and injuries are more severe – those responsible for that harm fight even harder to keep from paying for what they’ve broken.

Won from those that will work hard to deny it.
Won with exceptional skill, determination and compassion for their clients.

The lawyers and staff at Farnsworth Law Offices are committed to forcing those responsible for serious harm to fix what they’ve broken, to pay for what they’ve harmed, and to be held fully accountable.

If someone you care about has been hurt, and they shouldn’t have been, come talk to us about how we can help make it right.

We’re LOOKING for a good fight.

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